Northwest Science Expo Updates

For 2020 the Northwest Science Expo will be a virtual fair. As such the current timelines are as follow:

Qualified High School students have until April 3 to submit electronic applications.

High school judges will review & rank projects online April 4-6, and will meet with their judge groups through phone, email or Zoom at a time determined by each group on April 7.

April 8 students will be contacted who have been nominated for Best of Fair or ISEF.

April 10 Zoom morning interviews between finalist judges and students. 

Middle School will submit electronic applications by May 20 UPDATE

Online review by judges May 21-28. Best of Fair judging May 29. UPDATE

The Northwest Science Expo System

2019 Team Oregon

2019 Team Oregon

Team Oregon consists of the high school students selected as the top projects at regional and state fairs.

NWSES encompasses seven regional fairs and the Northwest Science Expo, which are affiliated with the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.  Eligible participants are 5th-12th grade students in Oregon.

Thank You Judges!

Thank you to all the judges and especially the head judges for arranging virtual meetings for their teams. Students nominated for Best of Fair or ISEF are being emailed about next steps. All decisions should be in by 5pm today. 

Good luck to all!

All high school award winners will be posted on Friday. I may do a screen cast.

High School submission deadline April 3 end of day

As I have had several students asking. You do have until midnight on April 3rd, however this means my team will not have a chance to check your links before judges see them.

Regeneron ISEF announces cancellation

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair announced today that it is having to cancel the event. We will still hold NWSE and select finalists even though all they will receive is dinner and a T-shirt. It is a very nice T-shirt and comes with bragging rights. We also have several monetary awards including $50 for each first place winning project, scholarships from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University and one of our high school Best of Fair winners will receive $1000. So we hope you will complete your online application by April 3rd.

For middle school we still need online judges, please follow the registration links.

Digital Project Summary Information

For the 2020 Northwest Science Expo the fair will be fully virtual. Both high school and middle school students are being asked to either write a multi page Project Summary or create a Video presentation. We have expanded the Abstract page to hold this longer report for high school students and middle school students who are registered using ISEF forms. MSEZ projects will enter this information in the Summary field of the MSEZ form.

Each project can also share 1 link. This can link to a Google Folder with multiple documents or to a picture of the Poster for those writing the report.

On this page are the directions for high school and middle school projects as well as a template of the headings for the written report. These are Google Docs.

High School Digital Submission Directions

Middle School Digital Submission Directions

FAQ's from students and judges

I have started receiving questions from students, teachers and judges. I will post questions and answers here.

Student questions: High School students must have online application finished by April 3.

0. Can I change my category or title?

NOT ANYMORE. Judges have received their lists with your current title and exhibit number.

1. Where do I submit my written report?

The written report will use the Abstract field. It replaces your abstract. If you are making a video instead, you can leave a normal 250 word abstract in that place. Yes, you can edit that abstract. 

2. How do I know my link works?

The best way to test a link is to email it to a friend or family member outside of your email network. If they can't open it, you need to change your permissions to allow anyone with the link to open it. I will also have a team working to check links and you/teacher will receive an email if your link doesn't work.

3. I don't have a Google folder, what do I do?

2020 Judge Directions

Dear NWSE Judges, 

Here is the judging plan. You are asked to do a couple things in preparation for our first virtual fair.

NWSE High School Virtual Fair Directions

Thank you for your patience as we reworked the Northwest Science Expo into a virtual fair. For High School students here are the directions for what is needed to compete at NWSE this year. By Tuesday March 17th the updates to your abstract page will be available for sharing the required information. The deadline for turning in these items is April 3rd.

Middle School NWSE update

Hello Middle School Adult Sponsors,
Because of the closure of all Oregon schools, I am going to need to focus exclusively on high school for the next several weeks. As a result I am changing the timing of when digital items are needed to May 1st, this hopefully will allow time for schools to be back in session and able to support students in the process.

I will have a middle school specific document available by the end of next week and will share that both through email and on, students will be able to access it there and get a head start as boredom sets in.

Even if we are all clear by May, the fair will not have a physical location. I will also be moving all middle school projects to the NWSE MS listing as soon as I can. This will let me recruit judges for a new timeline.

Thank you for your patience.

Stephanie Jones
NWSE director of chaos

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