2021 Northwest Science Expo

As we continue to follow Covid-19 restrictions, both NWSE high school and middle school fairs will be virtual

High school students are required to qualify for NWSE through a regional fair. Fair timeline:

April 1, 2021 Online application due

April 2-7, Judges review online applications, April 5th Judges may post questions for students by noon. 

April 8, The top 4-5 projects in a category are notified for Zoom interviews.

April 9, Zoom interviews for top category projects 9-10am, followed by Best of Fair interviews at 12:30pm.

Middle School students have the following timeline:

March 19, 2021 Last registration deadline, projects must be online and forms uploaded.

April 14, 2021 Online application due

April 15-21, Judges review online applications, April 19th Judges may post questions for students by noon.  

April 22, The top 5-6 projects in a category are notified for Zoom interviews.

April 23, Zoom interviews for top category projects 9-10am, followed by Best of Fair interviews at 12:30pm.

The Northwest Science Expo System

2019 Team Oregon

2019 Team Oregon

Team Oregon consists of the high school students selected as the top projects at regional and state fairs.

NWSES encompasses seven regional fairs and the Northwest Science Expo, which are affiliated with the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.  Eligible participants are 5th-12th grade students in Oregon.

Server update

Over the weekend the server hosting the online registration system was updated. We will be adding a SSL certificate this week. Hopefully these long overdue maintanence issues will facilitate easier email communication. 

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with registration.

Virtual Requirements

For the 2021 Northwest Science Expo the fair will be fully virtual. Both high school and middle school students are being asked to create a Video presentation and digital poster/slide deck. The research plan and other project forms are also required to be uploaded. These items are shared using a Google folder. 

The Regional Fairs are also requiring ISEF forms and Research plans be uploaded instead of mailed. Regional fairs may be either virtual or in person fairs depending on the situation in Spring 2021. 

Virtual Fair Requirements, for high school, some regional fairs are choosing to limit video length or visual display. Please check with your advisor.

High School Virtual Requirements opens a Google doc.

Middle School Virtual requirements opens a Google doc. 

These docs also posted below as PDF.

Other helpful links:

What is the cost to enter NWSE with a Middle School Project?

IMPORTANT: The receiving of forms is what determines the fee. All projects must be online. Do not send a check first.

2021 Fee Schedule:
Projects uploaded by February 18 are $5.
Projects uploaded between February 19 and March 4 are $10.
Projects uploaded between March 5 and March 11 are $15.
Projects uploaded on or after March 12 are $20 per project.
The final deadline is March 19th. No projects will be accepted after that date. 

For a project to count as registered the correct forms for the project must be received. Required forms are either a signed MS Super EZ form and project procedures OR appropriate ISEF forms and procedures. Forms need to be uploaded to the Google Folder for the project. If your district has restrictions on sharing Google folders, email Stephanie for a work around.

Please inform Stephanie if an invoice is required. If not, mail the check with your School Registraiton form.

2020 - 2021 Middle and High School Categories

NWSE reserves the right to divide or combine categories based upon the number of entrants. An effort will be made to notify students affected by category modifications, but such notification may not be possible due to time constraints. Categories may be entered by individuals or a small team (2 to 3 students.) There is no specific category for small teams.  

Special rule for small team projects
Each team should appoint a team leader; however, each member should be fully involved, familiar with all aspects of the project, and able to act as a spokesperson. The team must jointly submit one abstract and one research plan that specifically outlines each member's responsibilities. All team member names must appear on the abstract and on each form.

Arizona State University - The Sustainability Solutions Science Fair

Announcing the ASU Sustainability Solutions Science Faira virtual awards platform and symposium to advance student projects from grades 6-12.

Now more than ever. creativity and innovation for sustainability is necessary to create a stronger future. The Sustainability Solutions Science Fair invites students from grades 6-12 (including 2020 graduates) to submit their science and engineering projects for an opportunity to win from two prize categories, each with 12 prizes with cash awards ranging in value from $500-$2,500. The submission deadline is August 16th.

2020 Northwest Science Expo Middle School awards

We are please to announce the winners of the 2020 Virtual Middle School Fair.  Congratulations to all participants. Here is our Award PowerPoint. Teachers will be receiving judge comments on Monday.

Middle School Project List with requests for Parents

Hello Middle school students and parents, Please use this Google Spreadsheet to check the status of your online submission. I have started contacting adult sponsors for Best of Fair interview requests. Also I need mailing addesses for all winners to send them their prizes. Actual prizes will be revealed Friday May 29 by 5pm.

Last minute help for online submissions

If you are a parent or middle school student having trouble with the virtual format, complete a written summary and email that and a high resolution picture of your poster to me at nwse@pdx.edu with your exhibit number. I will create a link for the poster and add it to your online project. This must be done by 6pm this evening.

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