Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo

The Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo, in its fifteenth year as an affiliate of the International Science and Engineering Fair, challenges the rigor of individual and team science explorations across our large and diverse districts.  This year's fair will be held Friday, February 23, 2018.

The goals of the Beaverton-Hillsboro Expo are as diverse as our students' talents and abilities. We provide a venue for showcasing the work of our top science and math students across the districts. We encourage and maintain a climate of academic risk and proficiency that allows these students to reach their potential in the areas of science, engineering and mathematics. We foster a sustained program of success for our participating students that will generates a ripple effect of excitement for these subjects across all of our eleven high school campuses.

Through generous support from Intel ( and Vernier Technologies (, we are able to provide staff development for our teachers, exciting events for our students, and financial support for economically disadvantaged participants. Intel's support has allowed Beaverton and Hillsboro to begin district-wide K-12 expos last year as a pre-cursor to this year's ISEF-affiliated event for our high school students. Additionally, the technical support and experience of NWSE has allowed both districts to move quickly and with confidence toward our expo goals.

Contacting Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo:
Susan Holveck (Beaverton):
Chris Steiner (Hillsboro):


Location: Intel's Jones Farm Conference Center, 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124.

Friday, Feb. 23:

8:00-8:30  Exhibit Setup
9:00-10:00  Student Orientation and practice
8:00-10:00 Judges orientation and pre-viewing
10:00-12:00  Judging with students
12:00-1:00  Lunch for students; lunch and deliberations for Judges
1:00-2:00  Finalist Judging; Listen to an Intel speaker the conference center auditorium
2:00-3:00  Exhibit Area Open to the Public  (Students should be at their projects)
3:00-4:00 Awards Presentation (conference center auditorium)

All of us are quite concerned about this week's weather and how it might affect Friday's expo.  While we can't control this week's winter storms, we have created several contingencies.




  • School Cancelled:  If either school district decides to close on Friday, then we will postpone our expo to March 17.  Thanks to our friends at Intel for their willingness to reschedule if necessary. 
  • Delayed Start: If either school district decides to open school two hours late, then we will shift our schedule accordingly.  That means judges arriving by 10:00 instead of 8:00. The entire schedule will shift to be 2 hours later.
  • Early Release:  If either district decides to send students home mid-day, then the fair directors will meet to decide whether to finish the event and on what schedule.

We're all hoping the expo runs as planned, but should there be any change in our regular schedule we will email you and post updated plans at our web site

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