Intel NWSE Middle School Fair Information

Middle School is Monday May 1st. The fair is located on the 3rd Floor of the Smith Memorial Student Union Building. The physical address is 1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97201.

The schedule is posted at Set-up is only available in the morning.

Display regulations are at
Middle School Display Regulations are strict, anything other than paper is not allowed. Posters can't have any non-paper items. In front of the poster only a binder or lab notebook with more paper is allowed. If there are photos on the poster or in the binder, Photo Credits are needed. (write who took the photos) School names are not allowed on the poster, or the front of the notebook. The forms turned in for approval must be at the poster, the binder is the best place for them.

Procedures or research plan can be either on the poster or in the binder. Thank you's or Acknowledgements are not allowed on the poster, but may be in the binder.

The space these projects have is tight. That is why we do not allow them to bring the items they have built.

The only exception to the paper only rule is for computer science projects in Math & Computer Science (MC). These projects may have a laptop to display code. 

Also I still need judges. If there is more than one teacher from your school attending, please have one register as a judge in a category you don't have students competing. Parents can also judge as long as they are not in their child's category. Judges are needed from 9am-3:45pm, so a person could set-up posters and then judge, letting the rest of the group come later.

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