2020 NWSE high school project list

As I did not print a program, here is the list of projects who were entered in the 2020 Northwest Science Expo for High School.

Exhibit # Title Organization
HS-AN-0004 Degradation of Polystyrene Using Tenebrio molitor L. Larvae Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-AN-0012 An Exploration of the Effects of Magnets and Electromagnetic Radiation on European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Navigation Bend Science Station  
HS-AN-0017 Extravagant Exoskeletons; The Photo-Luminescence of Scorpions Bend Science Station  
HS-AN-0029 Smart Wildlife Warning Sign (SWWS): A Novel System to Protect, Track, and Conserve Wildlife with IoT and Machine Learning Jesuit High School  
HS-AN-0030 Combating diabetes: Understanding the synaptic mechanisms of FGF-1 in hypothalamic and hindbrain neurons Sunset High School  
HS-AN-0031 The Effect of Salinity on the Growth of Artemia Salina Mountainside High School  
HS-AN-0032 How to Get Away with Murder: Analysis of Bone Decomposition in Identifying Cause of Death Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-AN-0034 How Can Jellyfish Help with Regeration Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-AN-0035 Effect of Sonic Frequency on Yeast Cell Viability Sam Barlow High School  
HS-AN-0037 How Herbicides Affect Zooplankton West Linn High School  
HS-BC-0002 Bacterial Inhibition Properties of Spice Extracts on Escherichia coli Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BC-0006 Cytotoxic effects of propylene glycol-aldehyde solutions on 3T3 Fibroblast Cells Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BC-0010 Evolving Resistance to Hydroxyurea, a common chemotherapeutic Franklin High School  
HS-BC-0011 Bio Enzymatic sensors: Aquatic health Monitoring System Jesuit High School  
HS-BC-0014 The Effect of Caffeine on Digestion Mountainside High School  
HS-BC-0016 The Effect of Citrus Hybridization on Vitamin C Content Mountainside High School  
HS-BE-0003 Computational Analysis of Music Evolution and Melodic Expectancy Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BE-0008 The Effect of Music on Cognitive Ability Mountainside High School  
HS-BE-0009 Connections in Chromesthesia: Analyzing Note Vibrations and Colors Perceived From Sound West Salem High School  
HS-BE-0010 Political Opinion and Memory Sprague High School  
HS-BE-0013 Human and Cetacean Learning Sprague High School  
HS-BE-0019 The relationship between GPA and music genres Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-BE-0020 Correlation of MTBI and Short Term Memory Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-BE-0022 What causes eyewitnesses to be inaccurate Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-BE-0028 Risk Taking with Age Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BE-0029 Nomophobia's Effect on Cognitive Memory Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BE-0032 Effects of Different Musical Genres on Reading Comprehension International School of Beaverton  
HS-BE-0034 The effect of the amount of data given on people's perceptions of certain dogs. International School of Beaverton  
HS-BE-0036 Photosensitivity and Pain in Traumatic Brain Injury Catlin Gabel School  
HS-BE-0038 Affordable Housing and Racial Segregation in Portland Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-BE-0042 Got Grit? West Linn High School  
HS-BE-0043 Barriers to Reducing Carbon Emissions Among Individuals in the Pacific Northwest West Linn High School  
HS-BE-0044 Athlete's Motivation: Fixed or Growth Mindset Wilsonville High School  
HS-BE-0045 Regret as a Correctional Emotion: Is it Always Present Where it Should Be? Wilsonville High School  
HS-BE-0046 gender pronoun bias Arts and Technology High School  
HS-CH-0007 Effectiveness of Activated Charcoal on Human Body. Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CH-0015 Using Different Additives to Create a Bioplastic That Mimics the Tensile Strength of Polyethylene Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CH-0020 Toxicity of Homophthalic Wilsonville High School  
HS-CH-0021 The Environmental Effects of Toothpaste West Linn High School  
HS-CH-0025 The chemistry behind herbal and pharmaceutical pain relievers School of Science & Technology  
HS-CH-0027 Which reaction containing Catalase Enzyme demonstrates the best exothermic reaction Southridge High School  
HS-CH-0036 What Difference Does 1℃ Make? Franklin High School  
HS-CH-0037 Tums vs. Walgreen's Antacid Franklin High School  
HS-CH-0039 Characterization of Cr doped LiVOPO4 as a Novel Cathode for Higher Energy Lithium-ion Batteries Using a First-Principles DFT Approach Sunset High School  
HS-CH-0041 affect of pH of liquids on amylase breakdown of starch Gresham High School  
HS-CH-0046 How many calories per unit are in Funyuns Vs Flamin' Hot Funyuns Gresham High School  
HS-CH-0055 Rate of Ethanol Evaporation Measured With Boiling Point Elevation International School of Beaverton  
HS-CH-0056 Green Chemistry: Phosphorus Recovery Through the Degradation of Neurotoxic Pesticide and Herbicide Jesuit High School  
HS-CH-0057 Chemical Analysis of DNA Obtained from Dried Herbs and Flowers Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CH-0058 Chemical Analysis of Rate of Capsaicin Molecule Dispersion through Chromatography and Air for Creating an Effective Pepper Spray Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CH-0059 Fructose and Glucose Levels in Common Day Fruits Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CH-0060 Components that Increase the Durability of the Fire Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CM-0003 Effects of FGF-2 and PD173074 on Rabbit Synoviocyte Cell Proliferation Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CM-0004 The Effects of Kaempferol and Cyclophosphamide on Mus musculus Epithelial Breast Cancer Cells Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CM-0011 Targeting MYC synthetic lethality to kill breast cancer cells Lakeridge High School  
HS-CM-0012 Validating Candidate Genes from CRISPR Knockout Screen to Investigate Mechanisms of Trametinib Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Westview High School  
HS-CM-0015 Identification of Type I/ II Muscle Fiber Specific Proteins with IHC Validation to Specify ARMS or ERMS Tumor Sample Expression Glencoe High School  
HS-CM-0016 Genes that make you go HMM: Errors in protein sequences propagated by heuristic conveniences fixed with probabilistic models Westview High School  
HS-CM-0018 Crystallography of Protocadherin 15 ECD11-EL and 1C5 Fab Complex Catlin Gabel School  
HS-CM-0019 The Relationship Between Tumor Suppressor Genes LZTR1 and SMARCB1 in Schwannomatosis Pain Lincoln High School  
HS-CM-0020 Does Electromagnetic Radiation Affect Plant Cell Anatomy/Growth Sam Barlow High School  
HS-CM-0021 Single Cell Modeling of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity Catlin Gabel School  
HS-CO-0002 Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Calibrated Uncertainty Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CO-0003 Classification of Cell Type Based on Single-cell RNA Sequencing Using Machine Learning Methods Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CO-0004 Research and Design of Marine Trash Classification Robot Based on Color Recognition Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-CO-0008 QR Codes as an Attack Vector Sprague High School  
HS-CO-0013 Using head-mounted stereo cameras and computer vision to improve the spatial awareness of the visually impaired West Linn High School  
HS-CO-0014 Image-based Indoor Localization Using a Convolutional Neural Network with Bayesian Optimization Hyperparameter Tuning West Linn High School  
HS-CO-0015 Pill Identification using Image Recognition West Linn High School  
HS-CO-0022 Creation and Development of Differential Swerve Control Systems and Mechanics Liberty High School  
HS-CO-0024 Mean Green Recycling Machine Bend Science Station  
HS-CO-0028 A Low-Cost Hyper-Spectral Image-Processing System to Identify Stressed Crops for Improved Harvest Yields West Linn High School  
HS-CO-0032 A Novel Approach to Facial Emotion Recognition Using a CNN and Frame-by-Frame Analysis with Pipe Framework to Aid Autistic Students Westview High School  
HS-CO-0033 Utilizing Hardware Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) For Enhancing Privacy and Revolutionizing Encryption of Consumer Electronic Health Records Westview High School  
HS-CO-0042 Spoiler Alert!: A Multilingual Mobile App to Check Food and Drug Safety Westview High School  
HS-CO-0044 Computational Ability to Recognize and Understand Computer Generated False Phonemes School of Science & Technology  
HS-CO-0045 A Non-Invasive and Prompt Way to Detect High Levels of Uric Acid in Urine Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CO-0046 Machine Learning: Create a Program to Recognize Objects in Images, and Make an Action Based on the Images Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CO-0047 Cloning the Human Head: Building a Stewart Platform in Order to Mimic the Movements of the Human Head Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CO-0048 Punnett Squares: Writing a Program to Solve Monohybrid, Dihybrid, Trihybrid Punnett Square Problems Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-CO-0050 A Real-time miRNA-based Machine Learning Approach for Precision Cancer Therapeutics Jesuit High School  
HS-EB-0005 A Better Bag: Banana Leaves West Linn High School  
HS-EB-0006 An ethical way to sparkle West Linn High School  
HS-EB-0013 Utilizing Pose Estimation and Electromyography Data To Optimize Resistance Training Form and Muscular Hypertrophy Liberty High School  
HS-EB-0015 At Home Teeth Whiteners Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-EB-0016 blood pressure watch West Linn High School  
HS-EB-0026 Multi-Analyte Precision Nanoparticle Sensor for Wound Management utilizing Lindemeyer System Lake Oswego High School  
HS-EB-0027 Predicting the Onset of Diabetes using Artificial Intelligence MLP Neural Network Model Westview High School  
HS-EB-0029 Biosuture: Recombinant Spider Silk Engineering with Anticancer Agent L-asparaginase Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-EB-0030 Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering an Artificial Epidermis Layer to Accelerate Epithelialization Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-EB-0032 Differential Dynamic Illumination: A Novel Method based on Retinal Persistence to Correct Moderate to Severe Color Blindness Jesuit High School  
HS-EB-0037 A Biologically-inspired, Biomarker-driven, Rapid Early Warning System for Epileptic Onset Prediction and Seizure Detection Using Machine Learning Sunset High School  
HS-EB-0039 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Leg Brace Gresham High School  
HS-EB-0040 Predicting Brain Wave Patterns for Early Detection of Seizures to Allow Vehicle Accident Prevention Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-EB-0044 Eyehear: A Novel Head-Mounted Visualization of Speech Sources to Assist the Hearing Impaired Glencoe High School  
HS-EB-0046 Rate of Degradation of Student Engineered Starch Based Bio-Plastic Wilsonville High School  
HS-EB-0047 Finding the Ideal Material to Limit Callus Growth Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-EB-0048 Improvement and Characterization of Novel Energy-Efficient and Adaptable Bioplastic West Linn High School  
HS-EE-0003 Maintaining Optimum Temperature of Photovoltaic Cell while under Infrared Lasers to Improve Photovoltaic Inspection Liberty High School  
HS-EE-0004 Oil and Water Do Not Mix West Linn High School  
HS-EE-0006 A look into Ground Effect Vehicles and their safety Wilsonville High School  
HS-EE-0008 Elekron: Keeping Communities Connected During a Crisis West Linn High School  
HS-EE-0015 Simulation of the Mechanics of Quadrupedal Motion Liberty High School  
HS-EE-0018 Custom Fire Alarm Arts and Technology High School  
HS-EE-0024 Vibrating Alarm Clock Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-EE-0038 Development of a Fully Reusable and Autonomously Landing Suborbital Launch Vehicle: Year Two Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-EE-0041 Photovoltaic-oriented BMS, propulsion, and control systems for improved mission time and role-flexibility in UAVs School of Science & Technology  
HS-EE-0051 Smart Assist Device for the Visually Impaired Sunset High School  
HS-EE-0053 Sanjeevani: A Novel Automated System for Hospital Acquired Infection Monitoring and Prevention Jesuit High School  
HS-EE-0055 Newton's second law Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-EE-0056 Grover-Based Quantum Oracle Circuit Design for Solving the Bounded Knapsack Problem Jesuit High School  
HS-EE-0058 Better Paper Straws Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-EE-0059 Detecting Fires Using Machine Learning Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-EE-0060 Flood Alarms for Low-income Central American Cities Regis High School  
HS-EE-0064 Wind Tunnel Southridge High School  
HS-EN-0001 How to use different fungi to clean oil spills (Mycoremediation) Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-EN-0003 The Effect of Temperature on the Efficacy of Mixed-Culture Microbial Fuel Cell-Based Biosensors Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-EN-0009 Caffeine vs. Chlamydomonas Algae Species West Salem High School  
HS-EN-0011 Selectively breeding Ulva lactuca for increased lignin content with an Arduino-controlled tide simulator West Salem High School  
HS-EN-0017 expansion of waste management in downtown Hillsboro Liberty High School  
HS-EN-0022 Motorized Solar Tracker West Linn High School  
HS-EN-0023 Locating Areas of Water Pooling at West Linn High School Track and Providing Proposals for Potential Solutions West Linn High School  
HS-EN-0024 Microplastic Water Filter West Linn High School  
HS-EN-0032 Photo-Degradation of Cigarette Butts West Linn High School  
HS-EN-0045 Making a battery from compost using thermoelectric generators School of Science & Technology  
HS-EN-0050 Optimizing Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Using Olivine and Sodium Hydroxide in a Flow Through System Bend Science Station  
HS-EN-0052 Car Mounted Wind Generator System West Linn High School  
HS-EN-0054 Designing a Microbial Fuel Cell Based In-Situ Soil Conductivity Sensor and Testing System for Precision Agriculture and Irrigation Conservation Sunset High School  
HS-EN-0055 Measuring the Viability of Spent Coffee Grounds as a Substrate in a Microbial Fuel Cell Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-EN-0056 Developing desalinization filters by observing the efficiencies of pure and blended filtering mediums Lincoln High School  
HS-MA-0003 Statistical Analysis on the Impact of State Minimum Wage on Unemployment Rate Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-MA-0004 An Empirical Approach to Historic Trend Analysis Utilizing Vector Space and Bayes's Theorem Liberty High School  
HS-MA-0011 Building Zeckendorf's Telescope to Peek into the digits of Pi Catlin Gabel School  
HS-MA-0012 Compatible Recurrent Identities of the Sandpile Group and Maximal Stable Configurations Jesuit High School  
HS-MA-0013 Dissecting the Perfect Form Jump Shot Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-MA-0016 Mathematical Model to Efficiently Tag Objects in ARCore Application Wilsonville High School  
HS-ME-0004 Testing the Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Weight and Blood Pressure Grant Union High School  
HS-ME-0005 Which Foods Provide More Energy For Athletic Performance? Grant Union High School  
HS-ME-0009 The Deleterious Effect of Tocopheryl Acetate on the Motility of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii as a Model for Vaping Associated Pulmonary Illness Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-ME-0010 Testing the Effect of Escitalopram Oxalate on the Accumulation of Proteins in the Brain Modeled with Drosphila melanogaster West Linn High School  
HS-ME-0011 Viability of Antigen-Antibody Reaction in Field Applications West Linn High School  
HS-ME-0019 Genetically encoding Sortase A in tumor cell lines to track cell surface labeling by extracellular vesicles West Linn High School  
HS-ME-0021 Proving the presence of a concussion via hormone deficiency West Linn High School  
HS-ME-0034 PANCREAS.AI: Novel Deep Learning-based Screening Towards Precision Applications for Pancreatic Cancer Westview High School  
HS-ME-0041 The Relationship Between Specified Diabetic Diets and Blood Sugar Levels in a 55 Year old Male Franklin High School  
HS-ME-0045 Redesigning Dialysis: Recreating the Process of Hemodialysis International School of Beaverton  
HS-ME-0046 Analyzing Patient Outview On The Classification of Tumor Suppressant Cells in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, Generated by XGBoost Machine Learning Algorithms West Linn High School  
HS-ME-0048 Analysis of Ventricular Enlargement and White Matter Hyperintensities in an Elderly Cohort Cleveland High School  
HS-ME-0052 The effect of exposure to blue light at intervals from 10 to 25 minutes on long distance vision. Mountainside High School  
HS-ME-0059 Coronavirus - nCoV 2019 Jesuit High School  
HS-ME-0060 Fluctuation of Dopamine Levels Due to the Use of Various Chemicals Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-ME-0061 The Role of Methyl Jasmonate on Planet Cellular Damage Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-ME-0062 Can the Prolonged Use of Silver Amalgam be the Cause of Dental Cavities? Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-ME-0065 The effect of meat substitute on rate of digestion in a simulated stomach. Gresham High School  
HS-MI-0004 Utilizing Cucara Amanda to Inhibit the Growth of Staphylococcus Epidermidis Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-MI-0009 Modeling collective border-crossing behaviors with physarum polycephalum Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-MI-0010 Effects of Declining pH Levels of Seawater Caused by Ocean Acidification on Zooxanthellae and Coral Bleaching Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-MI-0013 Genetic Engineering of E. coli for Potential Treatment of Sandhoff Disease and Tay-Sachs Disease Wilsonville High School  
HS-MI-0018 Identifying Novel Cis-Regulatory Elements in the Viral Genome of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) for Increased Genetic Modification Efficiency Wilsonville High School  
HS-MI-0023 Bacteria in Washing Machines Wilsonville High School  
HS-MI-0024 The effect of potassium iodide on the biofilm formation of Staphylococcus epidermidis Bend Science Station  
HS-MI-0028 Consequences of Blowing on Steaming Food School of Science & Technology  
HS-MI-0036 Identifying Natural Antibacterials that are Effective Against Non-Pathogenic E-coli International School of Beaverton  
HS-MI-0039 Testing the Effects of Cinnamaldehyde and Thymol on Drosophila Gut Microbiota and Welfare Wilsonville High School  
HS-MI-0040 Is Turmeric an Effective Antibacterial? Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-MI-0041 Microbiome Disruption Risk: Using genetic algorithms to model microbiome coevolutionary dynamics and assess dysbiosis due to environmental and pharmaceutical stressors Jesuit High School  
HS-PH-0003 Comparing the Amplitudes of Frequencies in the Overtone Series in Wind and String Instruments Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PH-0005 Protective Headgear for Women's Lacrosse; Options to Minimize Impact Force on the Head Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PH-0013 Cold Welding Trinity Lutheran School  
HS-PH-0018 Quantum machine learning frameworks for improved SiD calorimetry and Higgs boson analysis School of Science & Technology  
HS-PH-0021 Low Interference Celestial Imaging via CubeSat Series Westview High School  
HS-PH-0025 Bowling Ball Direction Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PH-0030 The State of the Nuclei of Ring Galaxies Corvallis High School  
HS-PH-0032 Enhancing the safety of rocket payloads by modulating the length of the riser, to control the descent of entry vehicles Sunset High School  
HS-PH-0036 Effect of Pond Water on the Performance of a Golf Ball West Linn High School  
HS-PH-0037 Mpemba Effect: Can Hot Water Freeze Before Cold Water? West Linn High School  
HS-PL-0001 The Effects of Increased Carbon Dioxide Exposure on the Protein Content and Appearance of Buckwheat Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PL-0004 Colonel Mustard with the Copper in the Soil Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PL-0009 The Effects of Caffeine on the Thigmonastic Responses of Mimosa Pudica Bend Science Station  
HS-PL-0015 RuBisCo Concentrations and Their Effect on Photosynthetic Algal Oxygen Production in a Mock Martian Atmosphere Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-PL-0025 Aquaponics compared to Soil Plants Franklin High School  
HS-PL-0027 What is the Effect of Insecticide Concentration on the Germination of Raphanus sativus Seedlings? Mountainside High School  
HS-PL-0029 The Effects of Colored Light on Phaseolus vulgaris Mountainside High School  
HS-PL-0044 The Effect of Pharmaceutical Anesthetics on Plant Respiration Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-PL-0047 The effect of rhizobia inoculant concentration on plant biomass and root structure Gresham High School  
HS-PL-0048 Effect of temperature on plant respiration rate in spinach leaves. Gresham High School  
HS-PL-0049 Stomatal Conductance in C3 & CAM Plants When Exposed to Ozone West Linn High School  
HS-VE-0005 The Effect of Medusahead Control on Soil Properties and Vegetation Growth in Rangeland Grant Union High School  
HS-VE-0008 Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms to Mitigate Neurotoxin Exposure Using 20 Years of Shellfish and MODIS Satellite Data Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-VE-0010 Determining Algae Growth by Naturally Changing the pH of Water Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-VE-0021 Testing Estrogen and Phytoplankton: The Implications of Synthetic Estrogen on the Growth of Scenedesmus and Microcystis Wilsonville High School  
HS-VE-0022 Can Tetraselmis Be Used As A Plant Nutrient? West Linn High School  
HS-VE-0023 Characterizing microplastic distribution patterns in Venerupis philippinarum gills Wilsonville High School  
HS-VE-0028 The Effect of Light Pollution on the Physical Behaviors of Daphnia magna Wilsonville High School  
HS-VE-0037 Bacterial Decomposition of Organic Carbon in Pond Muck Bend Science Station  
HS-VE-0041 Glyphosate in Willamette Valley Streams; Does Agitation of Sediments Release or Sequester Glyphosate? Oregon Episcopal School  
HS-VE-0044 Getting Oil From Plastic: Is it Possible at Home? International School of Beaverton  
HS-VE-0048 Analysis of Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure on the Change in Development of Germinating Vigna radiata International School of Beaverton  
HS-VE-0051 Preempting Global Climate Change: Novel Mathematical Prediction Models for Moving Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) to Manage Moving Species South Salem High School  
HS-VE-0057 Plasticity of Caenorhabditis Elegans to Changes in Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Temperature Catlin Gabel School  
HS-VE-0058 Crazy Creek Chemicals Gresham High School  
HS-VE-0059 Earthquakes and Hurricanes Mountainside High School  
HS-VE-0060 The Effect of Light Shielding on Light Pollution at Night in Oregon Gresham High School  
HS-VE-0061 How can Coffee Grounds make Effective Fertilizer Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-VE-0062 How Does Acid Rain Effect Moss Growth Oregon Islamic Academy  
HS-VE-0065 Microplastics in Fish Gills West Linn High School  
HS-VE-0066 The Role of Disturbance in Shaping Species Diversity in the Rocky Intertidal West Linn High School  

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