Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition is looking for any 15-18 year old

The Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition is looking for any 15-18 year old with a solution to slow our resource drain, and as we are all virtual until our August Finals, we are still moving ahead!! If you are or know a student looking to address this international issue with innovative engineering and a revolutionary design, this is the Competition for you! In 2020, the Competition is challenging you to help us Reduce Individual Impacts, whether they be in areas with Abundant Resources, or Limited Resources. Contestants research a specific solution to this problem, register for free online in teams of 1-3, and then submit a 5-15 page paper to be judged by an international team of engineers, university instructors and industry professionals! Registration ends on May 8 and papers are due by May 13, so do not delay! The 2020 Finals event is set to be held on in early August in New York (or virtually if the situation necessitates), where Finalist teams will present their research and constructed prototypes as they vie for the $10,000 per category grand prize! For more information, visit www.cstl.org/cleantech, and feel free to reach out the administrator at cleantech@cstl.org or by phone at (516) 764-0045.

We are not planning on any disruption to our event at this time as it is all done remotely until the Finals in August! Please do not hesitate to contact me about any questions, by either phone or email. I hope to see teams from Oregon join us this year!


Kevin Sanders

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