What is the cost to enter Intel NWSE with a Middle School Project?


2017 Fee Schedule:
Projects emailed or postmarked by March 8th are $5.
Projects emailed or postmarked between March 9th and March 15th are $10.
Projects emailed or postmarked between March 16th and March 22nd are $15.
Projects emailed or postmarked on or after March 22nd are $20 per project.
The final deadline is March 29th. No projects will be accepted after that date. As mail is not processed at my office during Spring Break, scan and email paperwork instead or send an email telling me it is in the mail.

For a project to count as registered the correct forms for the project must be received. Required forms are either a signed MS Super EZ form and project procedures OR appropriate ISEF forms and procedures. Those emailing forms can wait until all projects have been sent before mailing a single check.

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