Intel NWSE Fair Day Info

Project set-up will be both Thursday evening April 12th and Friday morning April 13th

For Middle school project set-up the student does not need to be present; a parent or teacher may complete the set-up for them. All project forms must be brought for set-up. 

For High school student set-up the student must be present to complete display and safety check. All of the project's ISEF forms are required for set-up.

Students are required to attend the Awards Ceremony; students not attending the Awards Ceremony forfeit any awards they might have won.

You can get driving directions to the Portland State Campus Parking Structure 3 from Google maps. We have a map with locations of local fast food establishments and important places near PSU. New resturants seem to open daily.

Schedules for 2018 are being reworked to accommodate both middle and high school students.

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