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Virtual Requirements

For the 2021 Northwest Science Expo the fair will be fully virtual. Both high school and middle school students are being asked to create a Video presentation and digital poster/slide deck. The research plan and other project forms are also required to be uploaded. These items are shared using a Google folder. 

The Regional Fairs are also requiring ISEF forms and Research plans be uploaded instead of mailed. Regional fairs may be either virtual or in person fairs depending on the situation in Spring 2021. 

We are currently updating the requirements for Virtual Fairs and will post the full information as it becomes available. Some of the following may change.

High School Virtual Requirements opens a Google doc.

Middle School Virtual requirements opens a Google doc. 

Once finalized these docs will also be posted as PDF.

Middle School Project List with requests for Parents

Hello Middle school students and parents, Please use this Google Spreadsheet to check the status of your online submission. I have started contacting adult sponsors for Best of Fair interview requests. Also I need mailing addesses for all winners to send them their prizes. Actual prizes will be revealed Friday May 29 by 5pm.

Last minute help for online submissions

If you are a parent or middle school student having trouble with the virtual format, complete a written summary and email that and a high resolution picture of your poster to me at with your exhibit number. I will create a link for the poster and add it to your online project. This must be done by 6pm this evening.

High School submission deadline April 3 end of day

As I have had several students asking. You do have until midnight on April 3rd, however this means my team will not have a chance to check your links before judges see them.

NWSE High School Virtual Fair Directions

Thank you for your patience as we reworked the Northwest Science Expo into a virtual fair. For High School students here are the directions for what is needed to compete at NWSE this year. By Tuesday March 17th the updates to your abstract page will be available for sharing the required information. The deadline for turning in these items is April 3rd.

Middle School NWSE update

Hello Middle School Adult Sponsors,
Because of the closure of all Oregon schools, I am going to need to focus exclusively on high school for the next several weeks. As a result I am changing the timing of when digital items are needed to May 1st, this hopefully will allow time for schools to be back in session and able to support students in the process.

I will have a middle school specific document available by the end of next week and will share that both through email and on, students will be able to access it there and get a head start as boredom sets in.

Even if we are all clear by May, the fair will not have a physical location. I will also be moving all middle school projects to the NWSE MS listing as soon as I can. This will let me recruit judges for a new timeline.

Thank you for your patience.

Stephanie Jones
NWSE director of chaos

February 13th postmark deadline for multiple fairs

BHSE, CWOSE, CRSE, GBSE, and PPSSE have registration deadlines this Thursday for projects to be registered online. In addition, for high school projects copies of Forms 1, 1A, 1B and a written Research Plan must be mailed to NWSE-(fair initials) PO Box 311, Banks OR 97106. The only exception to this is if permission was given to hand deliver forms to the fair director or at the SRC meeting.

Middle school projects from CWOSE should follow the directions on emailing forms to Stephanie.

Forms Wizard and Document Library updated

The 2020 ISEF forms are now available from the Help tab above. Online registration for adult sponsors and projects will be available tomorrow.

Thursday March 14th Final day for Middle School Registration

Middle school project registration shuts down on Thursday. Projects which are not registered online are not eligible to attend the fair. In addition forms must be emailed or postmarked on March 14th. Email is much preferred. Most projects only need the MSEZ form with signatures and project procedures. Checks for payment of registration fees are made out to the PSU Foundation and mailed to the address at left. Include school name or exhibit number on check.

Intel NWSE Middle School Deadline

This was emailed to Adult Sponsors on February 14th.

Reminder, the $5 deadline is Feb. 21st, although if you want to pay more that is fine too. Donations to the fair happily accepted. Checks should be made out to the PSU Foundation and mailed to NWSE, PO Box 311, Banks OR 97106.

You can save postage by only mailing the payment with the School Registration Form, and emailing me the project paperwork. A physical copy of the forms does need to be at the fair as part of the exhibit, but I can review forms electronically. So print the MSEZ form and get those signed and send a copy to me with the project procedures.
If the project doesn't meet MSEZ rules then the ISEF forms are needed.

Also I have changed a term on the website, instead of calling it a Risk Assessment, it will be called a Safety Assessment. I hope by changing the name to avoid confusion with ISEF Form 3. For projects following the MSEZ rules the Safety Assessment is added at the end of their procedures.

Remember to ask for help if you need it. And never allow bacteria to be grown at home.

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