Central Western Oregon Science Expo (CWOSE)

The Science and Engineering Fair for the Willamette Valley

CWOSE is part of a large Intel-sponsored state and national system.  An Oregon State University engineer, David Hackleman, started the fair in 2004.   Projects that do well at CWOSE, or at other regional fairs in Oregon,  go on to Intel NWSE (the Northwest Science Expo) in Portland and the top state fair projects go on to ISEF  (the International Science and Engineering Fair) – all described in more detail elsewhere on this site. 

Who is eligible for CWOSE?  High School and Middle School (grades 5-8) students in these counties:  Yamhill, Marion, Linn, Benton, Tillamook, Polk, Lane, Lincoln, Douglas, Coos, Curry, Josephine, Jackson

When is the 2019 fair?   March 2, 2019   Approximately 8 AM – 6 PM: The detailed 2019 schedule is posted below as an attachment for reference.

Where is the 2019 fair?  Exciting news! Willamette University will host CWOSE this year. The plan will be to alternate locations between the University of Oregon and Willamette University.

How can I participate?   Participation in CWOSE requires advance planning:  understanding rules and filling out paperwork.  You may start work on your project any time after May 19, 2018 - the culmination of the 2018 fair cycle.  The rules and required documents for middle school and high school projects are different.  Use the summary below as a guide and get more detail and examples via the links.  


High School projects:   Required paperwork includes

  • School Registration Form 
  • Abstract Form
  • All required ISEF forms.  To find out which forms your project will need, use the Forms Wizard

( http://affiliatedfairs.org/fair_apps/pubtools/formz_2.html

Read the rules carefully, as some projects must be approved by Scientific Review Committees (SRC) before you start your experiments -- especially if you are working with human subjects, potentially hazardous biological agents and/or vertebrate animals.    


Middle School projects:   All should follow the “Super EZ Rules for Middle School Projects” (EZ rules),which reduces the required paperwork to these 3 forms:   

 1.    School Registration Form

 2.    MS Super EZ Form (one per student)        

  • This is filled out online by the adult sponsor
  • It’s based on information provided by the student: name, home phone number, grade, project title, summary of project.   The summary takes the place of the abstract required for high school projects.  It should take the form "this is what I wanted to find out (or design), this is how I went about it, and this is what I found out".
  • The form must be signed by the Adult Sponsor, parent and student, but signing can be done before, during or after the student’s experimentation.  

 3.       Project Procedures (one per project)

  • The procedures to be used should be described as completely as possible to allow the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) to determine whether the project follows the Super EZ Rules.   Questions about MS EZ rules can be directed to Stephanie Jones.
  • For submission, a copy of the Project Procedures should be attached to the student’s MS Super EZ Form (a copy for each student working on a group project).  If there are two students working as a team, simply bundle the two EZ Forms and one Project Procedure together with a paper clip.


The detailed requirements for middle school projects are here:  http://nwse.org/middleschool


How do I register? 

  • Go to the tab above to register online. 
  • The registration fee is $5 per participant, payable by check made out to “3-Sigma Institute”.  A fund is available to aid in payment if this fee is a constraining factor in participation. 
  • Submit your paperwork and fee as follows:


High School Students

  • Mail your Registration Fee and paperwork to:

P.O Box  311
Banks, OR  97106


Middle school Students

  • Mail your Registration fee to the same address used by HS students
  • Your Adult Sponsors should email your forms to nwse@pdx.edu 


Deadline:  All paperwork must be completed and submitted (mail or email) by 14 February, 2019  

Contacts for CWOSE:                                                                               

Dr. Michael Rockow    CWOSE  Co-Director
Leslie Middle School 
Salem, Oregon

Dr. Karen Sprague CWOSE Co-Director

Biology Department & College of Arts and Sciences

University of Oregon


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